Hybrid Sessions

We will organize a hybrid meeting with both in-person and online participation.

Special Sessions

Students in action

Student Paper Award is presented to one or more students to recognize their outstanding academic achievement in a research project dealing with some aspect of acoustic emission, which may range in scope from fundamental research to industrial applications. The award will be evaluated based on the paper submitted by the student to the EWGAE conference, and the quality of his/her oral presentation. Only those papers proposed by the authors will be evaluated for the award. The presentations will take 15-20 minutes as in other sessions. Candidates are encouraged to prepare clear and impactful presentations of their work, in terms of topic motivation, theory, materials and methods, results, discussions, and conclusions. More on https://ewgae2022.si/ewgae-awards/.

Companies in Action

To give more visibility to all the sponsor’s companies and provide a greater scientific and commercial impact of the meeting, this special session for commercial exhibitions to the entire audience of attendees will be scheduled on 14th September in the first part of the conference to obtain a greater impact. 13 minutes presentations will be given to each company (in random order) during the session. To achieve the expected objectives, presenters are encouraged to prepare good material with great impact (videos, photos, audios, etc. can be included) of the most important developments and innovative products. We are convinced that these new products are key to the successful development of research and innovation in universities, research centers, and companies in the near future.

AE Standardization

AE standardization is a topic of great interest for the industry throughout the world. Having rigorous regulations is the basis for rigorous field inspections from a scientific point of view. EWGAE 35 and ICAE 10 conferences are the ideal forum to show the past, present, and future works of these active groups to the acoustic emission community around the world. Works within international (ISO, CEN, ASME, ASNT, etc) and also national standardization entities (JISC, DIN, IRAM; UNE, ABNT, AFNOR, etc.) related to AE inspection are welcome in this Special Session.

Projects in Action

Development projects of the acoustic emission technique itself and innovative application projects are welcome in this special sesiĆ³n. Projects within the European framework (H2020, COST, etc.) and other cooperation programs within international consortia are a special target of this special session. The session is also open to national or company projects that are considered high impact in the field of acoustic emission and other methods of non-destructive testing, structural monitoring, continuous monitoring, etc. The presentations in this session are intended to show general aspects of the projects, and not particular results of concrete research, for which the presentations are suggested in the regular sessions of the conference. The EWGAE 35 and ICAE 10 conference aims to be a showcase for research, development, and innovations arising from projects in the field of acoustic emission. For it, this Special Session will provide a great opportunity to those responsible or researchers participating in ongoing projects related to acoustic emission that want to show the issues related to such projects, to give a more impact and visibility of their results and developments.

Regular sessions

  • Advanced composites
  • Monitoring metallic structures
  • Civil engineering
  • Process monitoring
  • Signal processing
  • Material characterization
  • Corrosion
  • Pressure vessels
  • Other