In February 2021, the members of the European Working Group on Acoustic
Emission (EWGAE) selected the organization of the next EWGAE 35 conference in
Ljubljana, Slovenia. The organization of the conference will be carried out by the
laboratory group LATOP (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana)
which wishes to bring the best to this established event that joins colleagues,
friends, engineers, scientists, practitioners, and students working on the Acoustic
emission. The EWGAE 35 conference will be organized together with the ICAE10
Conference of the International Institute of Innovative Acoustic Emission (IIIAE)
established by AEWG, JCAE, and EWGAE.

Acoustic emission testing has become an established and important part of NDT. It
comprises a wide range of developed techniques for observing a natural AE process
and gaining practical values from the available information. The field of acoustic
emission continues to grow with more and more realized applications. The evolution
of electronics together with an advance in digital signal processing offers an
upgrade of conventional feature-based signal processing with systems emphasizing
waveform analysis and processing together with neural network pattern recognition.
In the past, significant progress has been made in the field of eliminating noise
characterization of acquired AE signals, description of wave propagation in different
structures and materials in methods of data analysis acceptance and rejection
criteria, …. With this conference, we wish to present the current state of the art and
give an insight into future steps in the area of AE testing and monitoring.

At the conference, we will present the Adrian Pollock Award for Outstanding
Achievements in Acoustic Emission Research. We will give the Young Researcher
Award to researchers who raise levels in the field of acoustic emissions testing and
monitoring. By organizing the conference, we also want to encourage the active
participation of many international young researchers and students in the field of
acoustic emission. We will select the best student conference contribution and
award it with EWGAE Student Paper Award based on the contributions received.
We are pleased to invite you to come to Ljubljana and to participate in the 35th
EWGAE Conference. We are looking forward to seeing you in Ljubljana.

Prof. Roman Šturm
Chairman of the Conference

Assist. Prof. Tomaž Kek
Co-Chairman of the Conference