We invite scientists, researchers, students, engineers, and practitioners involved inacoustic emission to participate and contribute to the success of EWGAE 35 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The main topics of the conference will be :

  • AE testing (pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipes, etc.)
  • AE monitoring (objects, machinery, processes, wear, etc.)
  • AE and material behavior (metals, polymers, composites, concrete, bones,
    wood, etc.)
  • AE localization of defects
  • AE from corrosion
  • AE from leakage
  • AE in civil engineering
  • AE in geology
  • AE in transportation engineering
  • AE in medical applications
  • AE and tribology
  • AE signal detection and processing
  • AE equipment and software
  • AE standardization